Becoming an EMDRIA Certified Therapist

I have had the privilege of guiding the Certification process for EMDR trained clinicians here and across the country. My own Certification process, many years ago, was such an exciting time for me of really expanding my understanding and use of EMDR Therapy with my clients. I really enjoy helping others gain that same experience of competence and comfort. The framework that I use is widely used and it goes well beyond the specific EMDRIA requirements to insure your comfortable competence in using EMDR Therapy.

If you choose to begin right after Basic Training, it generally takes about two years before you have done EMDR processing sessions with 25 different clients, along with the minimum of 20 hours of consultation. If you become EMDRIA Certified later on, it can be done in a year.

When you enter this exciting process with me, our focus will be three-fold.

  1. Consulting with me on your EMDR Therapy work with clients. You’ll get LOTS of specific suggestions, feedback, typed notes of the consultation, and relevant handouts and articles.
  2. Reading, or rereading, and presenting the first 11 chapters of Dr. Shapiro’s second edition text to me, referencing your own clients. Her book is a brilliant resource on what to do in many different situations.
    Also, the EMDRIA Standards and Training Committee formulated a draft document of six areas of Competency to become Certified. This is such a useful formulation and if I kept all of it in mind with all my clients I would be a truly remarkable EMDR therapist! So you will present these areas to me in the context of your own clients.
  3. Audio- or video-taping EMDR sessions involving part (or all of) Phases 3-7 (Assessment, Desensitization, Installation, Body Scan, and Closing down) with a few of your clients. I encourage you to do this at least once early in the process of Certification. The moment-to-moment process is so critical to the success of EMDR therapy sessions. I type so quickly that I have a transcript by the time I have listened to the session, and then I provide detailed feedback. Consultees typically find the feedback richly helpful and it often leads to real shifts in stuck work.

I look forward to working with you!