Consultee Feedback

“It feels when you teach that every aspect of your being is present.”

Barbara Burkart, LMHC, Amherst and Westfield MA

“Thank you Farns for always inspiring, encouraging and supporting my EMDR practice and beyond. It means the world to know that you are there as a mentor, teacher, supporter and friend.”

Deb Courtney, LCSW, PhD Doctoral candidate, New York NY

“You are a wonderful and gifted teacher!”

Diane Murphy, LICSW, Westerly RI

Since beginning telephone consultation with Farns a year ago my work as a therapist has been enriched in ways I never thought possible. I work at a community mental health agency serving children and teens; many of my clients are in foster care, nearly all have complex trauma and many have a dissociative disorder.  I have learned how to assess for dissociation, work with dissociated parts in session, stabilize dissociative clients in order to prepare for EMDR, and utilize EMDR in a safe, titrated way with my dissociative clients.  The knowledge I have gained has refreshed me as a therapist and given new depth to my work.  It is so exciting to apply the new skills I learn from Farns, and see tremendous results with my clients.  And it is humbling and rewarding to see relief in the eyes of a dissociative child or teen when they realize that their therapist speaks the language. We all see clients who are dissociative, whether we realize it or not. 

Farns has been invaluable to me as a consultant, not only because of his tremendous depth of clinical wisdom and experience, but for his ability to inspire, encourage, and build confidence in his consultees.  The learning environment he creates is accepting and supportive.  My consultation has been one of the best investments in my vocation, and in my clients, that I have ever made.

Stacie Davis, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Trauma Specialist

Weekend Workshop: An Introduction to the Integration of Ego State Therapy, Structural Dissociation, and EMDR Therapy

“The consensus thus far is that people are really finding Ego State therapy wonderful. I get a lot of feedback from colleagues I encounter who say your weekend workshop was the best training they have taken and they are most surprised at the positive results with their patients. They find that it is easier sometimes to use Ego State therapy than EMDR therapy.

You are the catalyst for a huge movement and should feel proud for raising the standards of the EMDR therapeutic community in Connecticut to a higher level of competence and expertise. This is helping many, many people! Thank you!”

Cheryl Kenn, LCSW
TRN/HAP Trainer
Sponsor of my weekend workshop in March 2015, repeated in June 2015, in New Haven that trained a total of 75 participants.

The Advanced Seminar on the Integration of Ego State Therapy with EMDR

“The Advanced Seminar is the best course I have ever taken.”

Wendy Ball, LMHC, Albany NY

“When you’re blocked with EMDR, and you do Ego State work, it just unfolds. So when we’re stuck I say, ‘I see now we don’t have everyone on board. We have a part whose needs aren’t met by EMDR or who isn’t ready for EMDR’

Peggy Wolff, APRN, Amherst MA

“This is the best hands-on, seat-of-the-pants learning experience I’ve ever had…

Andrea Reber, LICSW, Northampton MA

“Working with dissociation should be a mandatory Part/Weekend 3 of basic EMDR training. The Advanced Seminar made a world of difference in my work with my many complex and deeply injured clients.

(No name)

“I can no longer imagine my work with clients without the Conference Room and the Healing Circle. Simply the process of putting the Healing Circle in place has been a powerfully ego-strengthening experience for a couple of clients. The Healing Circle, and Farns’ modeling of how it can be adapted to the client’s own inner landscape, has taught me more about the power of imagination and to trust it and work with it in the service of therapeutic goals. And I love that once established, both the Conference room and the Healing Circle can be invoked at a moment’s notice…Farns, your many transcripts of your Ego State Therapy sessions with your clients were amazing, and one of the very best parts of the Seminar. I will treasure them and return to them often.”

Wendy Ball, LMHC, Albany NY

“This course has been the most important EMDR course I have been exposed to. I am grateful for what I have learned from Farns and from each one of you. It has been helpful to observe your determination, empathy, resourcefulness, and skills you applied with your own clients. You all have given me encouragement at times when I felt inept and frustrated with myself while struggling with this learning process with dissociative clients.

Donna Bird, LCSW, Saratoga Springs NY

“It’s been such a good learning experience for me and such a wise and supportive group. I appreciated the opportunity to draw a breath and think about my work in a bit different way. It’s wonderful, too, to leave with such helpful materials, which really support the learning. Thank you Farns and everyone!”

Robin Harris, LICSW, Greenfield MA

“The clients I have introduced to the Conference Room have been very excited about the work they do when we use this tool. There has been an anticipation and excitement to doing the work and they look forward to sessions they know will include a visit to it.

(No name)

“Having the Ego State Therapy to add to my repertoire has assisted in moving the therapy with many of my clients to a much different place. They have become more effective in doing the work necessary to complete targets and remove interference, by dealing directly with the particular ego state involved in the particular event(s) being addressed.

(No name)

“I have enjoyed learning and doing this Ego State work immensely. It has sparked great progress for my clients, assisting them in moving through some very difficult past experiences.”

(No name)


Comments on the Introductory EMDR Consultation Group:

“The group helped me integrate the principles and understand the flow of the EMDR process. Meeting every month offered a structure that kept EMDR learning front and center for me.”

Barbara Burkart, LMHC, Westfield and Amherst MA

“I appreciated the supportive, non-judgmental environment Farnsworth helped create. He set a tone of deeply listening and considering clinical questions/dilemmas that were brought up during the consultation portion of the group. I was impressed by how Farnsworth sat back and thoughtfully considered questions that came up – and before he answered, allowed group members to offer ideas and suggestions. He treated group members’ clinical ideas, opinions and approaches with great respect.”

Lisa Rasco, LICSW, Westfield MA

“Thank you for a wonderful group experience, Farns. Throughout the ten months you provided an opportunity for learning in a safe and comfortable environment…the sense of EMDR community the group provided was extremely beneficial. Each month after leaving the group, I would feel a renewed sense of confidence in EMDR overall and in my EMDR practice, as well as renewed motivation to do the best work possible with clients.

Deb Courtney, LCSW, New York NY

“I have found the EMDR Consultation Group to be a safe place where I can explore the growing edge of my professional development. I appreciate the mix of learning activities including reading, discussion, lecture, case consultation, and practice. I think what has been the most helpful has been the opportunity to experience EMDR both as a therapist and as a client. In addition, it has been very educative to watch others as they go through the Protocol. I think that being a client is an invaluable experience and essential learning to be an EMDR therapist for it enables you to experience first-hand the process of desensitization and reprocessing as it unfolds…I have been impressed with the wealth of knowledge, experience, and clinical acumen in the consultation group. Farns, in particular, has a very helpful teaching style where he applauds you for what you’ve done competently, views your idiosyncrasies as creativity with the EMDR Protocol and makes one or two suggestions that always seem to be on target.

David Arbeitman, PhD, Director of Training,
Carson Center for Adults and Families, Westfield MA; and Amherst MA