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Sep 14,2018 - Jun 28,2019    Time: 10:00 am - 1:15 pm

Structural Dissociation: a 10-month Seminar with Gonzalez and Mosquera’s EMDR and Dissociation: The Progressive Approach Book Cover Open to EMDR-trained clinicians who have read The Haunted Self by van der Hart, Nijenhuis and Steele and to my Advanced Seminar graduates. First Friday of each month, September 2018 - June 2019 (except we begin on Sept. 14) 10am-1:15pm 30 CEs for social workers, LMFTs and LMHCs. 12 EMDRIA CEs. SCROLL DOWN TO REGISTER. 1164 South East Street Amherst MA 01002 You are cordially invited to join me and a sophisticated group of your peers for an exciting journey exploring Gonzalez and Mosquera’s brilliant book and their significant new contributions to Structural Dissociation. Many of you have had the opportunity to hear Dolores Mosquera and/or Anabel Gonzalez present and know how powerful their work is. Registration is limited to 9. We will thoroughly digest a chapter (or two) a month with didactic presentations and discussion as well as live demonstrations. And, of course, there will be opportunity each month for case consultation, benefiting from the rich experience of your peers and myself. At least one triad practicum experience, using their Meeting Place script, will be provided, as well as brief practicums in pairs of Tip of the Finger strategy and other techniques. This is a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of Structural Dissociation and its many direct applications to your EMDR-focused work with clients with complex trauma and dissociation. In this book, Anabel Gonzalez and Dolores Mosquera:

  1. Explain the elements of dissociative language likely to occur in each of the 8 Phases.
  2. Emphasize enhancing higher order mental functions that go well beyond Resource Development.
  3. Focus on healthy self-care patterns and how to assess them.
  4. Teach how to process Structural Dissociation phobias.
  5. Provide a protocol to process unspecific blockages.
  6. Illustrate nine therapeutic relationship problems and how to address them.
  7. Demonstrate their widely acclaimed Tip of the Finger Strategy to facilitate trauma processing.
  8. Detail their Meeting Place Procedure and why they have modified The Dissociative Table/Conference Room technique.
Click here to see the extended table of contents for EMDR and Dissociation: the Progressive Approach. COST: $100 per three-hour meeting or $80 for clinicians working full-time in Community Mental Health. Partial scholarships may be available. A 2 session deposit ($200/$160) is required to hold your place. Full refund minus a $50 administrative fee will be given if participant withdraws more than two weeks before the Seminar begins. After that, no refund will be given. Farnsworth Lobenstine, LICSW is on the national faculty of the EMDR Institute, serving since 2001 as a Facilitator. He has been an EMDRIA Approved Consultant since 2003 and a Trauma Recovery (HAP) Facilitator since 2005. For the eighth year he is teaching an Advanced Seminar on the Integration of Ego State Therapy and Structural Dissociation with EMDR Therapy in Western Massachusetts. This ten-month post-graduate course offers 30 professional CEs, and EMDRIA CEs. Farnsworth began his study of Ego State Therapy and dissociation in 2001. He co-authored a lengthy article published in the Journal of EMDR Practice and Research in 2013 on his highly successful brief, intensive treatment, using EMDR and Ego State Therapy with a woman who had been hospitalized. Farnsworth is passionate about the extraordinary privilege of working as a psychotherapist, walking for a time with others on their journey towards health and a vibrant life. He is equally passionate about teaching other clinicians basic and advanced skills of EMDR.

From the 2017-2018 Second Year Seminar Evaluations:
Question: What's been most helpful for you during this second year?

“The integration of parts work with EMDR. I now fluidly move EMDR into the Meeting Place. It has moved my practice in a whole new direction. I do Conference Room 10 times a week. I was getting bored in my practice.”

“I feel rejuvenated. I feel excited by using these tools. The Meeting Place has been so transformative. It lends itself to an attachment repair focus that is essential. One of my DID clients is doing so well after 3 months.”

“It's been so helpful to have a base of support – so few therapists are trained at this level of work in dissociation.”

“I’ve learned to slow down the work a lot. Less is More. Glacial Passes. So helpful. That has really taught me to slow down.”

“Having the 2 years has really increased my confidence in trying out these skills with new clients. Having the framework of Structural Dissociation has really shifted my thinking.”

“I am much more confident and comfortable using the concepts and tools. Using the Self-Care scale as the starting place is so useful.”

“I see that clients taking the tools of the induction to the Meeting Place, working, and then coming back has really reduced dissociation in my office.”
Questions? Farnsworth Lobenstine, LICSW; 413-256-EMDR(3637) The program site is ADA compliant. Please contact Farnsworth Lobenstine if special accommodations are required. Farnsworth Lobenstine maintains responsibility for this program and its contents in accordance with EMDRIA requirements.


1164 S East Street
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