Abbott and Lobenstine Psychotherapy Trainings

D – Useful Client Transcripts and Stories

“Alexandra’s” Journey

Written in 2017, Alexandra shares her journey of healing in therapy with me over the first 3.5 years. There are two brief annual updates. We are now entering the 8th year of treatment. Alexandra is Sarah, mother of teen children, whose videos you will see.

She experienced terrible abuse, beginning in infancy, and her story is both compelling and disturbing. I encourage you to read it with your therapist “lens” on, to lessen its impact. Or you may choose not to read it at all. Taking care of yourself always comes first. You may have heard client stories just as disturbing but may not have understood the powerful impact of perpetrator introjects in your clients’ lives. All of her struggles, and our work, have revolved around the power of her “Morbid Introjects.”

Sarah’s Morbid Parts Stand Down, 2021

As we enter our 8th year of work, Sarah is finally able to get her Perpetrator Introjects/ Imitator Parts to stand down and no longer attempt to control her behavior and world view. Sarah is “Alexandra’s” actual name.

Shannon Strader Transcript: Working with a Perpetrator Introject

 This is a session note of Shannon’s work with a client who was ritually abused and had DID at the time of the session. It is very helpfully annotated by Shannon. Please know that it may be traumatizing to read, although details have been omitted. I encourage you to put on your therapist persona before reading it. And you may know it just wouldn’t be a good idea to read it. Then please don’t!

Working with children: Meeting Place Setup with Children

Cheryl Case, who has integrated EMDR therapy and Meeting Place into her work with children for many years describes that process.

Emotion Circuits explained

Cheryl Case describes the science of the six hard-wired affect circuits in the limbic system and the impact on children when their development is stunted or magnified.


Abbott and Lobenstine Psychotherapy Trainings

Abbott and Lobenstine Psychotherapy Trainings