Abbott and Lobenstine Psychotherapy Trainings

Advance Reading for Weekend Webinar: Integrating EMDR Therapy, Structural Dissociation & Ego State Therapy

Welcome, Weekend Webinar participant,

  1. The PDF of the slides will be emailed to you a few days before the workshop.
  2. The reading material for this webinar is an investment of approximately 5 hours. It will significantly improve your learning and definitely increase your ability to participate in the afternoon practicums of the Meeting Place.
    1. Click Here to access the Advance Readings
  3. The bibliography can be found here.

Looking forward to your participation in the Weekend Webinar with our team of trainers and facilitators,

Farnsworth Lobenstine, LICSW

EMDRIA Approved Consultant


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If you run into any issues, please email Andy Gail:

Please remember that it is unethical to share these files with clinicians who are not participating in this training.

Abbott and Lobenstine Psychotherapy Trainings

Abbott and Lobenstine Psychotherapy Trainings